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MiyoSHADE T-Plus | Non-nano attenuation grade Titanium Dioxide

NON NANO mineral sunscreen allowing to obtain high SPF.

MiyoSHADE T-Plus Natural | Non-nano attenuation grade Titanium Dioxide

NON NANO mineral sunscreen - COSMOS approved allowing high SPF to be obtained.

MiyoFLEX SV| Solid Dispersion Highly Concentrated in Pigments

MiyoFLEX SV, solid dispersions of treated pigments

MiyoNAT VLS | New Alu-Free Lecithin treated pigments

MiyoNAT VLS is an alu-Free Lecithin treatment that provides good performances in formulation.

BIOGLITTER™ HOLO| Biodegradable glitters

Biodegradable glitter with a rainbow effect.

MiyoNAT SFT |Natural Origin Triglyceride Treated pigments

MiyoNAT SFT meets all naturality expectations and brings good performances.

MiyoFLEX EV| Natural Solid Dispersion Highly Concentrated in Pigments

MiyoFLEX EV range offers COSMOS approved solid dispersions of treated pigments.

RHEOPEARL | Oil Thickening agents

Improve the stability of emulsions by increasing the viscosity of various oils such as esters, triglycerides.

UNIFILMA HVY | Super Film Former

Film-forming agent of vegetable origin which offers flexibility and suppleness to the film formed: perfect for your hair and mascara formulas.

BIOGLITTER™ SPARKLE | High Biodegradation in ISO14851 Fresh Water

Unique film developed from plants to offer ecological and extremely shiny glitter.

BIOGLITTER™ PURE | First Glitter 100% Micro Plastic Free

First certified biodegradable glitter in fresh water : without microplastic, without impact in the environment.

Silica Beads | Highly Pure Spherical Silica Beads

Provides slip, fluidity and improves spreadability in powder and liquid formulations.

MiyoFEEL SXI-L | Silica Bead Coated Mica treated with sunflower lecithin

Soft and silky powder with excellent water resistance, good spreadability and natural coverage.

SERICITE S-150 | Natural Origin Sericite

Inorganic filler gives spreadabilty and smoothness in liquid and powder formulas : best ingredient for natural formulations.

MiyoFILM CCTG(75%) | Liquid Film-former from Vegetable Origin

Unique COSMOS approved film-forming agent for natural formulations.

MiyoSYN Series | Synthetic Micas

Its aspect ratio will guarantee full control of the radiance - matte effect without altering its great sensorial performances.

MiyoAQUA | Alginate Treatment

Easy to disperse, good color development, good suspensive properties in water and excellent formula stability.

NAI | Amino Acid Treatment

Treatment that provides long-lasting, excellent sensoriality and stability to formulas.

SA-DSA-7 | Adsorbed silicone treated rice starch

The powdery base ingredient intended for sprays is residual-free when brushing and prevents the greasy hair appearance.

SA | Bonded Dimethicone Treatment

It is the reference Dimethicone surface treatment for cosmetic fillers and pigments.

MiyoHAZE BT | Innovative soft-focus composite

Composite offering excellent wet and dry soft focus properties and excellent radiance.

SI-NP | Methicone treatment

Long lasting property with an ultra light texture and a silky finish in all cosmetic applications.

MiyoNAT VAA | Amino Acid Treatment

Combining naturalness and performance, it brings comfort and stabilizes emulsions.

Excel Mica JP-M | Aluminum Hydroxide Coated Mica

Soft focus composite offering extreme transparency.

PRIMROSE | Silica-Coated Pigments

Combines the fresh feeling of O/W formulas with the benefit of soft focus color pigments.

MiyoNAT OLV | Olive Derivative Treatment

Treatment of vegetable origin for an easier spreading and an extreme resistance to water.

ALT | Alkyl Silane Treatment

Provides excellent hydrophobicity and a unique creamy sensoriality in powders and liquid formulations.

MiyoHAZE White | Multi-functional Composite Powder

An innovative and multi-functional opacifying powder.