Functional material

Powder La Vie | Multi-Fonctional Composite

  • Multi-functional composite
  • Sebum jellifying ability to instantaneously jellify unsaturated fatty acids
  • Anti-acne ability
  • Suitable for powders and emulsions
  • Deodorant ability
INCI NAME : Mica (and) Hydroxyapatite (and) Zinc oxide

General informations

Combining multiple benefits in one single product without affecting its sensorial properties happen to be a constant challenge for the formulators of Make- up, Skin and Sun Care products. Miyoshi Kasei has developed a truly “multi-functional” powder which employs many benefits needed in color cosmetics as well as skin care products. The Powder La Vie is able to offer a sebum jellifying powder which would impart long-lasting effects by selectively absorbing the unsaturated fatty acids secreted from the skin (sebum). Moreover, the Powder La Vie also is able to employ anti-bacteria as well as deodorant effects in various formulations, while also providing popular “haze” effects as well.

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