Regulatory texts, standards, norms, scientific opinions … today are both numerous and essential in our sector. Cosmetic ingredients must comply with a very high number of requirements, each requiring specific knowledge and in-depth expertise.

Dedicated and expert monitoring

The Miyoshi group is organised around specialised centres of expertise, specialising in local regulations, and globally federated for a common strategy and monitoring. With a strong presence in the sector’s main professional federations, at French and international levels, our objective is to monitor and assess new regulatory requirements. This commitment allows us to be a stakeholder in discussions concerning developments that may impact our products and activities.

Constantly evolving legislation

National and international authorities are constantly updating the texts and requirements applicable to the cosmetics sector, in order to offer end consumers safe solutions, without a negative impact on their health and the environment.
Here at Miyoshi, we are committed to being at the forefront of these developments, and to participating in product offerings that respect multiple requirements, customers and the market, thanks to close collaboration with our Research, Innovation, Marketing and Sales departments.

Support from our partners

Besides regulatory texts, many requirements come from private standards, sector opinions, customer charters and even market trends. At Miyoshi, our desire, as with all of our product offerings, is to provide in-depth expertise on all matters concerning our activity. A real challenge for the future, we support our customers and partners in responding to various regulatory issues in a reliable and efficient manner.
Regulatory obligations can be sources of collaboration between Miyoshi and its partners, thus turning into real opportunities, fully in line with our group’s philosophy of “Treating You Right”.

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