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20 October 2022

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20 October 2022

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Solid Dispersion MiyoFLEX EV : How to formulate them ? 

Constantly driven by innovation, Miyoshi Europe, leader in surface treatment technology for fillers and pigments used in the cosmetic industry, offers a new way of formulating with its MiyoFLEX EV solid dispersions.

Since its creation, the Miyoshi Group has been committed to meeting the challenges of formulators by providing solutions tailored to their needs. This is why Miyoshi was the first company to create and offer silicone treated pigments on the market. This major technological innovation has revolutionized the art of formulation and facilitated the work of the formulator. 

New properties for new formulas

Today, our offer is diversified and the surface treatments proposed by Miyoshi, allow powders to acquire new properties (better dispersibility, hydrophobicity, better stability, sensoriality…) and improve the performance of the formulas, making treated pigments a must for formulators and manufacturers of cosmetic products.

MiyoFLEX EVs represent a new way of formulation that allows for the optimal implementation of processed pigments in natural formulations through COSMOS approved solid dispersions. The MiyoFLEX EV range is easy to weigh, handle and requires no grinding steps. Dust free, safe for formulators and operators, MiyoFLEX EV offers the same benefits as traditional powdered processed pigments.

MiyoFLEX EV can be dispersed in silicone, polar and non-polar oils. Pigment dispersion and emulsion are done in the same equipment, as MiyoFLEX EV technology already includes a grinding step. The user introduces the MiyoFLEX EV directly into the fatty phase, without the addition of dispersant, and heats the mixture to 80-85°C with agitation to melt and homogenize.

The technology is currently deployed on 4 pigments shades (white, yellow, red & black).

Example of a poured foundation formulation with our MiyoFLEX EV

The MiyoFLEX EV range has many advantages, including:  

Ease of Dispersion: Dispersion of MiyoFLEX EV using Ultra-Turrax is as good as tricylinder ground processed pigments. 

Dispersion Quality: Color development is improved by using MiyoFLEX EV technology versus the use of tricylinder ground powder treated pigments (example here, MiyoNAT VAA COSMOS approved amino acid treated pigments).

Formulation is now simple. The range also offers excellent performance in liquid and anhydrous formulas, it is the perfect solution to give everyone access to the formulation of mascaras, foundations, lipsticks, BB creams, or simply to bring color into skincare products.

To summarize, the MiyoFLEX EV range is :

Economical in TIME :

  • Pigments are already ground
  • Formulas can be made in a single equipment
  • No need to rehomogenize before use 
  • Accessible to all thanks to their ease of use
  • Economical in PRICE :
  • Affordable solution 
  • Highly concentrated in pigments

Ecological in USE: 

  • Prevents dust and facilitates cleaning 
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • COSMOS approved
  • Ideal for anhydrous formulas and solid cosmetics

The safety of formulators and operators is paramount. By bringing innovative, eco-designed and non-pulverizing ingredients to the market, Miyoshi has once again provided a solution to today’s issues.

Today, MIYOSHI EUROPE is working on the development of new solutions to enrich the MiyoFLEX range and to satisfy the expectations in terms of sun protection, sensoriality, simplified application, always keeping in mind quality and performance for its customers.

Pauline Bosmet

Pauline Bosmet

Marketing Manager

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