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27 June 2023

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27 June 2023

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Miyoshi Europe is part of the Miyoshi Kasei Limited group. We have been based in Saint-Priest, near Lyon (France), since 2003.

Over the years, we have been able to grow, both in terms of staff – in 2003 Miyoshi Europe had 7 employees compared with 70 today.

In terms of equipment, at the time the work of the production operators was traditional and most of the production was done by hand. Today we have 4 rooms full of machines and produce around 1000T per year.

But we’ve always kept our values, which are so dear to Miyoshi’s DNA:



  • Treating our customers well
  • Treating our environment well
  • Treating our employees well
  • Treating our stakeholders well

We were the first company to create and offer silicone-treated pigments on the market.

The story begins when Mr Ryota Miyoshi began his career at the age of 16, working in the research and development for pearl pigments in the cosmetics industry. He was soon confronted with the difficulties of formulating pigments and powders. At the time, pigments had no function other than colouring cosmetic products. It was difficult to improve the adhesion of products to the skin, the texture or the stability of a formula.

Armed with his knowledge of pearl pigment coatings, he felt inspired to develop a technology that would enable pigments and powders to be surface-modified to make them easier to apply and enhance their performance.

After several developments with various surface agent, he created the first silicone-based hydrophobic surface treatment for cosmetics (later known on the market as the ‘SI’ surface treatment).

This major technological innovation revolutionised the art of formulation and made the formulator’s job easier.

Surface treatment enables powders to acquire new properties (better dispersion, hydrophobicity, improved stability, etc.), and increases the range of possible formulations (skincare, make-up, suncare) tenfold.

Thanks to over 40 years’ know-how, we are now able to bring the very best of our expertise to players in the cosmetics industry.

Find out more about Miyoshi from our Chairman and employees:

This year Miyoshi Europe was in the spotlight and we were delighted to celebrate this anniversary with our distributors at our annual seminar, where we mixed business with pleasure, with a cocktail reception and live music.

We also had the opportunity to celebrate with our customers, suppliers and partners, not forgetting our employees on the day and evening of 9 June 2023.

The programme included :

  • A lunch and a murder party (giant team cluedo) organised for all our employees.
  • This was followed by an open afternoon where we were able to welcome institutional representatives from the cities of Lyon and Saint-Priest, as well as the families of our employees, to show them around our production workshops and the entire Miyoshi Europe site.
  • And to finish off, a dance party at Rooftop 52.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has placed their trust in us. Our customers, distributors, partners, suppliers and employees.

The challenges for the next 20 years are to continue to innovate, remain market leader and supply quality products!

Margot Delannoy

Margot Delannoy

Communications, Events and Digital Marketing Manager

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