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17 February 2023

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17 February 2023

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Miyoshi Kasei Group – CSR commitment  “SDPI inception”

In 2022, the Miyoshi Kasei Group has made a major leap forward in its engagement towards Sustainability, leading to a clear and tangible formalization of its historical commitments. Strategy, action plan, first achievements… where are we now?

Since its inception, Miyoshi Kasei’s principle has been “Good faith and dignity”, already emphasizing the importance of treating stakeholders ethically and with respect. The corporate message evolved in 2015, becoming “Treating You Right” still in effect today, which involves not only stakeholders, but also the environment and the entire corporate ecosystem.

Becoming more and more aware of social and environmental issues and priorities, we have delved into Sustainability, gradually building and deploying our CSR initiative within our group that has  finally crystallized in early 2022 around a common initiative: SDPI (Sustainability Development Performance Initiative).



While the group participated very early on in the CDP for the environmental side, and then in Ecovadis for the global CSR side, it was at the beginning of 2022 that the need for a global strategy led to a dedicated organization within the group. The aim is to actively integrate each site, to have structured reporting to stakeholders and to make a real commitment to the major areas of CSR.

This organization adopted the name Sustainable Development Performance Initiative, or SDPI for short. The group SDPI is driven by a global team of representatives of each Miyoshi Kasei group sites, in charge of building globally the group initiative and leading it locally, supported by a local team of CSR relays. Our four sites are Miyoshi Kasei in Japan, Miyoshi America in the USA, Miyoshi Suzhou in China and Miyoshi Europe in France.



Miyoshi Group’s strategy is built on two levels: consolidating our environmental commitments on the one hand, and adopting a general CSR vision on the other hand.

With regard to the environmental part, the year 2022 saw major progress for the Group, with in particular membership of the UNGC (United Nations Global Compact), a CO2 target approved by SBTi (Science-Based Target initiative), and a Scope 1&2 Carbon Footprint for the entire Group. The Carbon Footprint planned for 2023, based on 2022 data, will include Scope 3, enabling us to have a complete view of our carbon impact and, above all, to decide on coherent, impactful and sustainable decarbonization actions.

With regard to the “CSR vision” part, the social aspects in particular will be worked on in 2023 and in the years to come, to include for example:

  • a responsible purchasing strategy (integration of the CSR score into the overall supplier score)
  • due diligence in terms of human rights and ethics, first in our key supply chains, then in all our supply chains
  • a generalized whistleblowing system (corruption, harassment, discrimination, etc.)
  • a focus on information security

Among the actions to come, a CSR report will be soon published. It will present our strategy and highlight our achievements and our future action plan, with regard to the objectives we have set in each area. Visit our dedicated web pages to access it as soon as it is published : https://www.miyoshikaseigroup.com/en/csr/ !



A CSR approach is by essence not restricted to the company that deploys it, it must radiate throughout its ecosystem. Our ambition is to create contacts, initiate partnerships, share our experience… with other companies committed to the same path. If you wish to discuss this future-oriented topic with us, please contact us.

Mariane Main

Mariane Main

Regulatory Affairs Leader & CSR Coordinator

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