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12 April 2024

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Discover our Winter Team Building at La Féclaz: A Cocktail of Fun Activities and a Memorable Horseback Ride

Every year, at Miyoshi Europe, we attach great importance to strengthening the bonds within our team. That’s why we organize two team-building events: one in summer and one in winter.

These special moments give us the opportunity to get together in a setting different from the usual work environment, where we can strengthen our collaboration and cultivate a strong team spirit.

Each of these events is carefully planned to provide an enriching experience for all our team members. Whether it’s through outdoor sports activities, stimulating group games or moments of relaxation and conviviality, we make sure that every participant feels involved.

We firmly believe that these moments of sharing outside the office strengthen our cohesion. At Miyoshi Europe, we’re proud of our teams and look forward to our summer and winter team-building events every year.

This winter’s destination is La Féclaz, a veritable gem nestled in the heart of the French Alps. Between fun-filled activities and immersion in nature, we had a great time together.

Located in the Savoie department, La Féclaz offers an idyllic setting for outdoor activities in all seasons. Our team, eager for new experiences, was won over by the program concocted for this winter getaway.

After a warm welcome, we began our day with a series of fun activities that rekindled our team spirit and good-natured competitiveness.

Highlights of the day included competitions in rifle shooting, woodcutting, giant ski racing and blind tasting. These challenges enabled everyone to showcase their talents and skills, while fostering a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

During this outing, we had the pleasure of enjoying an authentic and comforting meal. Tucked away in a small chalet, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we savored a feast of mountain flavors.

However, the highlight of our team building experience was the horseback ride through the La Féclaz countryside.

This unique experience allowed us to disconnect from everyday life. The horseback ride was punctuated by exchanges and laughter, creating lasting memories.

In conclusion, our winter team building at La Féclaz was a real success, perfectly combining fun activities, discovery and team cohesion. We came away enriched by the day, ready to take on new challenges with a renewed spirit and a team more united than ever.

We’d like to thank the Evolution 2 team who helped us run the day, for their good humour and sharing of mountain knowledge!

See you this summer for the next outing 😊

Margot Delannoy

Margot Delannoy

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