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6 February 2023

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6 February 2023

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Much more than a formula … Tinted TSUNAMI is what ?


Making beautiful formulas to enhance the use of materials in our catalog is our daily business, so this time we wanted to change our way of working and develop a formula in COLLABORATION.

With whom? how? and why? We answer all your questions



Who is NAGASE?

Nagase is a Japanese international group, initially a distributor of raw materials for various applications. Today, NAGASE has diversified and provides several types of solutions for different applications including cosmetics. Thus, the “Personal Care” team supplies and distributes active and functional cosmetic raw materials. NAGASE supports its partners through its R&D activities (formulation and cosmetic objectivation in vitro and ex vivo) and logistics for import/export.

Who is Miyoshi?

The history of Miyoshi 



How did the idea for this collaboration come about?


“We think it was born out of a common desire. On our side, we wanted to penetrate the makeup market more, while Miyoshi was interested in skincare. As we were all aware that makeup was evolving towards “make up care” via the incorporation of active care ingredients, it seemed obvious to us to combine our expertise to better understand this trend.”


“From the desire to work differently, to confront our ideas, to concretize them together by combining our strengths and especially by filling our gaps. Sharing our make-up expertise to receive in return NAGASE’s skincare expertise with the idea of designing a product capable of combining the two.”



“Miyoshi Europe was an obvious choice for :

  1. Their make-up expertise
  2. New pigments (MiyoFLEX EV) easy to handle when you are not equipped to handle more conventional pigments
  3. Cultural proximity (2 Japanese companies 😊)
  4. Geographical proximity (Miyoshi in Saint Priest and Nagase in Lyon 8ème)”

Why with NAGASE ?


“Because destiny made us meet on several occasions before this project and mutual trust was quickly established but especially for :

  1. Their expertise in skincare formulation
  2. Their catalog of active ingredients recognized in the cosmetic industry7
  3. Their expertise in in vitro and ex vivo objectification
  4. Geographical proximity (Miyoshi in Saint Priest and Nagase in Lyon 8ème)”


Through exchanges, mutual advice and, above all, testing, our expert formulators have developed Tinted Tsunami, a formula that combines the benefits of skincare with the performance of makeup. Tinted Tsunami is a wave of simplicity for a tsunami of performance, but it’s also a formula that makes waves with a 99.6% natural content and that will allow you to enter the minimalist wave of a simple and effective routine.

This collaboration has taken us further than just formulation, we have also carried out EX-VIVO objectivation tests thanks to NAGASE’s equipment and especially its expertise. These tests were carried out and are shared on an experimental basis. No valorization or extrapolation could be envisaged.

The conclusions of this study are encouraging and the TINTED TSUNAMI perfectly meets the expectations of the team.

What did you gain from this collaboration?


“This collaboration ticked all the boxes on our side because the goal was to achieve a true win-win collaboration! This collaboration was also highlighted during the Cosmetagora trade show. The small plus of this collaboration is that it was done in a joyful and good mood, since the sympathy of everyone was really a plus!”


“First of all, the pleasure of working differently! This collaboration has been beneficial on all points:

  • Scientifically: what novelties for us, the care of the objectivization and especially the sharing of new knowledge
  • Humanly: exchanges in a good mood, benevolence and always constructive. Trusting others and relying on each other!

For a win-win collaboration”

For the next step, we are all unanimous: when do we start again?

Thanks to our colleagues from NAGASE for answering this interview!


Pauline Bosmet

Pauline Bosmet

Responsable Marketing

Salomé Gallon

Salomé Gallon

Formulation Chemist

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