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24 October 2023

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24 October 2023

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Our new vision of collaboration : The CoWoP

What is it about?

The CoWoP (Collaborative Work Process) is a Co-Development service created around the values and expertise of our company, MIYOSHI EUROPE, incorporating a strong collaborative dimension and agile project management.

Why CoWoP ?

CoWoP was created to address specific needs identified by your teams and can cover various domains and expertise, from R&D to regulatory matters, formulation, industrial and logistical support, and more. Its objective is to arrive at a customized solution, tested by your teams and mastered by ours.

It’s a collaborative approach built on confidentiality and transparency, with both parties integrated into a process that involves all the necessary experts to successfully conduct the project.

As a part of our teams, you’re at the heart of the project’s development to foster collaborative synergy and enhance your customer experience, ultimately ensuring a 100% response to your needs.

The CoWoP Experience:

A customer journey designed around regular interactions with project stakeholders, high-quality deliverables, and flexibility throughout the process.

After evaluating the project’s feasibility and securing our communication through the signing of a confidentiality agreement, you become part of our teams to co-develop your tailored solution.

We structure the project’s progression in-depth ongoing exchanges and deliverables, thus promoting a thorough understanding of your requirements.

We will leverage the necessary expertise for the project’s success within the Miyoshi Group and our ecosystem to optimize development timelines.

CoWoP is the solution if:

  • You don’t have the necessary internal resources to manage one of your projects.
  • You want to engage an expert in cosmetic ingredient manufacturing to meet your needs.
  • You are looking to co-create a project with an external actor outside your ecosystem.
  • You aim to achieve a unique, personalized solution and optimize your development timelines.

Therefore, CoWoP is a Co-Development service ready to meet all your needs.

In conclusion, CoWoP is the ideal solution to efficiently and tailor-made achieve your objectives.



Pauline Bosmet

Pauline Bosmet

Marketing Manager

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