28 March 2023

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28 March 2023

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Sun protection is now part of a daily care routine, everyone being aware of the harmful effect of sun exposure. Protecting the skin is no longer optional and consumers expect safe ingredients for them but for the environment too.

When formulating sun care products, there are two options to bring SPF and protect the skin from UV rays: mineral filters and organic absorbers. Their mechanism of action is completely different: Organic filters absorb UV rays and release energy under heat form, and mineral filters reflect UV rays.


Market overview

After a strong interest the past few years for chemical UV absorbers, guaranteeing high transparency without altering the texture of sun care products, MINTEL predicts that global brands are expected to focus on mineral UV filters, following consumers rising demand for clean ingredients and growth of reef-safe claims.

According to the diagram below, interest for mineral solutions is growing while the appeal of organic filters is declining.

Miyoshi range of products dedicated to sun protection

Miyoshi Group technology is definitely worthwhile, once applied to mineral particles dedicated to sunscreens. We offer a complete solution with MiyoSHADE range. The surface treatment allows the optimal SPF performance in your formulations.

Meeting global regulatory requirements (FDA registered), MiyoSHADE range guarantee success without limits. 

Ultrafine solution

Features & benefits :

  • Easy to disperse
  • High SPF
  • Highly transparent
  • Global compliant
  • For standard Sun care products or tinted product with SPF claim

Our sales representatives will be pleased to discuss how can MiyoSHADE range can support you in formulating performing sunscreens, feel free to contact them or to visit us during In Cosmetics Exhibition in Barcelona, from the 28th to the 30th of March, Booth Z80.

Pauline Bosmet

Pauline Bosmet

Marketing Manager

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