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2 May 2023

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2 May 2023

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And you, how did you live the In-Cosmetics 2023 experience ?


If there’s one event that marks the calendar for beauty professionals, it’s in-cosmetics Global. Celebrating excellence in ingredient innovation, in-cosmetics Global also offers high quality information on the latest technologies and trends.

After a blank year in 2021 and a 2022 edition marked by Covid-19 and masks, we can look forward to a very successful 2023.

We found the traffic of before Covid with a fair under the sign of good humor and joy to be found under the sun of Barcelona. This edition brought together hundreds of suppliers of ingredients.

Naturalness is still the keyword of cosmetic trends, but we also find the importance of well-being with many hybrid products combining makeup and skin care.

If we could not receive you, we apologize but remain available to answer your questions, present our company, our product catalog, our services and news. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss with you.



Back in image :

We have highlighted our new products including our sun protection offering.

MiyoSHADE T Clear an easily dispersed mineral filter with excellent formula performance. Manufactured by our US subsidiary, MiyoSHADE T Clear (FDA registered) allows unlimited use as it complies with all regulations. Water resistant and extremely transparent in formula, it guarantees high SPF while respecting the skin and the environment.

With the launch of this new patented technology, we are expanding the MiyoFLEX range with the MiyoFLEX SV range: Solid dispersions of treated pigments usable at room temperature (80% pigments). The MiyoFLEX technology facilitates the weighing and handling steps and eliminates the need for preliminary grinding steps. Dust free, safe for formulators and workers, highly pigmented, compatible with all media, MiyoFLEX has the same advantages as traditional processed pigments in powder form.

Each year we work on a concept that we present at the make-up bar:

Make-up with care

Makeup is a moment of pleasure that allows everyone to be sublime. Today, makeup can also take care of the skin and this is what we propose to you thanks to our 3 essential products combining the best of the treated pigments with the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Take care of your skin and use these products in a minimalist daily routine.

  • Formulated with over 90% of natural content
  • Hybrid makeup
  • Wise choice of ingredients

We have developed :

  • Mascara: Masacra Length & Care is a natural formula enriched with castor oil and a multifunctional oil extract that cares for your lashes while enhancing them.
  • A foundation: The Cover & Care foundation combines high coverage, long wear and sensoriality. This formula contains niacinamide to protect the skin.
  • A lipstick: The Vivid & Care lipstick is a lipstick enriched with a powerful antioxidant, it will bring comfort and moisture to your lips.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information and samples of our materials or our formulas of orientation. Thank you all for your visit, see you next year.
Until then, you can find us at Cosmetic 360 in Paris, October 18 & 19, 2023.

Margot Delannoy

Margot Delannoy

Communications, Events and Digital Marketing Manager

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