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29 January 2024

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29 January 2024

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Cosmetagora 2024: An immersion in cosmetics trends and innovations

Cosmetagora, a not-to-be-missed event

The Cosmetagora trade show remains a must-attend event for professionals in the cosmetics industry, where innovation, expertise and creativity converge.

Cosmetagora’s vocation is to create a platform for exchanging and sharing the latest scientific advances and emerging trends in the cosmetics sector. It’s a unique opportunity for professionals to discover new ingredients and technologies.

Our expectations for this edition

As we prepared to be immersed in the excitement of Cosmetagora 2024, our expectations were high and our ambitions clear.

The event was still shaping up to be an opportunity to consolidate our relationships with existing partners, while establishing promising links with new prospects within the cosmetics industry.

We were eager to share our passion and expertise by showcasing our latest raw materials and guiding formulas.

Ready to exchange, to inspire, and to be inspired, we approached the Cosmetagora show with unbridled enthusiasm, ready to shape the future of beauty alongside our trusted partners and the emerging players who share our vision.

The Conquest of Sustainable Beauty: 2024 Trends in Solid and Skin Care Formulas

The year 2024 is marked by the significant rise of solid and skincare formulas, a trend that follows on from previous years, while at the same time heralding an era of transformation in the cosmetics industry.

Consumers, increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, are looking for sustainable beauty solutions, and it’s with this in mind that solid formulations are gaining in popularity. These innovations offer an ecological alternative by reducing superfluous packaging and minimizing carbon footprints.

At the same time, natural and sustainable ingredients are at the heart of these formulations. Ethically sourced active ingredients, combined with eco-friendly packaging, embody the new standard of responsible beauty.

In conclusion, the 2024 trends in solid and skincare formulations mark a turning point towards conscious, sustainable beauty.

Discover our new formulas

At Miyoshi Europe, pioneers in cosmetics innovation, we are proud to present two solid skincare formulas that embody our commitment to sustainability and effectiveness.

Gelly Gold: a glitter gel with an NOC of 99.48% according to ISO 16128.

Its gel texture is easy to pick up and apply! The formula is enriched with plant oils to care for your skin.

Use it wherever you like, on legs or bust, lips or cheeks, this gelled oil will make you more beautiful.

You’ll also find our materials with :

  • Rheopearl KL2: Thanks to this oil gelling agent, we obtain a melting texture and anon-sticky feeling while keeping pearls in suspension.
  • SERICITE-S-150: This filler improves the feeling during application and has a goodinfluence on the playtime.

Multi-use Balm: a solid moisturizing balm, embodies the very essence of sustainable innovation with its 100% NOC.

Composed of less than 10 ingredients chosen to care for your skin, this balm can be used on the face or body.

Its melting texture makes it easy to apply. It’s a gentle, non-sticky formula.

You’ll find our materials with :

  • Rheopearl KL2: Thanks to this oil gellingagent, we obtained a melting texture and anon-stick feeling.
  • SERICITE-S-150: Improves application feelingand gives an ideal moderate opacity.

At Miyoshi Europe, we believe that the future of beauty lies in conscious choices and formulas that respect both the consumer and the planet. Our new solid skincare formulas embody this vision, offering a sensorial experience while meeting the demands of sustainable beauty.

A Warm Greeting to Our Visitors at Cosmetagora 2024: Thank you for this Unique Moment!

On behalf of the entire Miyoshi Europe team, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to those of you who took the time to visit our stand at Cosmetagora 2024. This event was a celebration of cosmetic innovation, and your presence brought extraordinary energy to our stand. Each of your exchanges helped enrich our understanding of the changing needs of the cosmetics industry.

To those who couldn’t join us this time, don’t worry, the adventure continues! We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be present at the next edition of In Cosmetics, ready to share new discoveries and deepen our discussions with you.

If you still have questions, or would like to extend the discussions we started at the show, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you in your projects.

Thank you again for joining us at this exceptional event. We look forward to seeing you again as we continue to write the exciting future of beauty together.

Stay tuned for new adventures!

Margot Delannoy

Margot Delannoy

Communications, Events and Digital Marketing Manager

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