Texturizing agent

RHEOPEARL | Oil Thickening agents


  • Can make transparent and/or thixtropic soft/hard gel
  • Increase the viscosity of oils
  • Stablilize emulsion system (W/O)
  • Rheological modifier of waxes
  • 100% Plant Origin

INCI NAME : On request

General Informations

Miyoshi Europe, as the exclusive distributor of Chiba Flour Milling Co.,Ltd. also offers unique Oil thickening agents from Plants origin, named Rheopearl Series. Chiba Flour Milling Co.,Ltd. has been synthetizing the Rheopearl Series of products obtained by the esterification of sugars and fatty acids that have been used as an oil gelling agent since the early 1970’s in Japan. Together with its gelling properties of various Hydrocarbons, Esters and Triglycerides, the Rheopearl series provides excellent stability in emulsions. Stable Oil gels can be easily obtained by dissolving Rheopearl at elevated temperatures, and cooled without stirring.


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