BIOGLITTER™ SPARKLE | High Biodegradation in ISO14851 Fresh Water

  • Low heavy metals & antimony free
  • Brightest glitter – indistinguishable from traditional metallic plastic glitter
  • Softer feel than polyester glitters
  • Sustainably sourced raw materials
  • High biodegradation in iso14851 fresh water
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General Informations

The first Bioglitter™ product developed by Ronald Britton Ltd. THE ORIGINAL GAME CHANGER. Cosmetic Bioglitter™ SPARKLE uses our unique plant derived film to offer an eco-friendly glitter that still remains without an equal in the industry and represents our brightest effect Cosmetic Bioglitter™. Based on plants not plastic,the product has been independently proven to biodegrade in the natural environment and is antimony free. Because of its cellulose content, it is softer than traditional glitter, making it extremely comfortable when on the skin.

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