Treated pigments

MiyoAQUA | Alginate Treatment


  • Ultra-light textures
  • Dedicated for o/w or water-based formulations
  • Optimal for tinted skincare products

INCI NAME : Algin (and) substrate*

General Informations

MiyoAQUA is a hydrophilic surface treatment based on alginate. This anionic polysaccharide is found naturally in oceans around the world in the cell walls of brown algae and kelp. MiyoAQUA alginate surface treated pigments have excellent dispersibility and suspension in water leading to strong color development, prevention of color separation, and improved formulation stability. Many ultra-light feeling formulations are very low in viscosity where pigments may settle over time; MiyoAQUA pigments’ ability to easily re-disperse and prevent hard caking allows for a quick shake prior to use as seen in many “milk” formulations popular in Asia. *Substrate could be iron oxides, titanium dioxide or fillers.


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