Functional material

MiyoHAZE White | Multi-functional Composite Powder


  • Very high opacity wet or dry
  • Soft focus composite
  • Blocks IR rays
  • High refractive index
  • Smooth texture

INCI NAME : Magnesium Potassium Titanate

General Information

Chemists often have difficulty finding high opacity, pure white powders for their formulations that remain true to color in both wet and dry conditions, a key point to developing liquid foundations. To combat this, Miyoshi America has developed MiyoHAZE White, an innovative, multi-functional opacifying powder that can be used in a wide range of cosmetic products. MiyoHAZE White’s unique properties display both wet and dry color fidelity with high opacity resulting in a soft-focus effect in the end formulation.

Available Product Lineup :

  • MiyoHAZE White – ALT
  • MiyoHAZE White – CP


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