Treated pigments

SA-DSA-7 | Adsorbed silicone treated rice starch


  • Dedicated to dry shampoo & hair care
  • Mixtures with iron oxides available to enhance color or blend roots
  • Easy to brush out without any residues
  • Absorbs hair greasiness

INCI NAME : Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch (and) Cetrimonium chloride (and) Dimethicone (and) substrate*

General Informations

SA-DSA-7 Series is based on an adsorbed silicone treated rice starch with high adsorption for oil and fats. This range of product has especially been developed for dry hair shampoo. SA-DSA-7 Series is used as powder base for aerosols, it reduces hair greasiness and can be brushed out without any residues. Mixtures with Black, Brown and Yellow Iron Oxides are also available to enhance the color of the hair or blend roots instantly. *Substrate could be iron oxides, titanium dioxide or fillers.


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