Functional material | COSMOS Approved

Silica Beads | Highly Pure Spherical Silica Beads

  • Delivers Soft Focus and Matte Effects
  • «Roll On» Effect
  • Highly Pure Amorphous Silica
  • High Absorption Ability
  • Good Alternative to Plastic Beads
INCI NAME : Silica

General Informations

To help cosmetic formulators achieve performance and sensoriality when designing cosmetic products, The Miyoshi Group has developed a large range of multi-functional porous and non-porous Silica beads. Silica beads provide slip, fluidity and spreadability in both powder and liquid systems. They also offer soft-focus, sebum/oil absorption effect. The porous type can also be used as an active carrier such as Hyaluronic Acid to facilitate the formulation of active ingredients in products and their release control in application. Silica beads are also available with surface treatment to provide additional benefits.


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