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25 January 2023

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25 January 2023

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And you, how did you live the COSMET’AGORA 2023 experience ?


Cosmet’agora is the show for all professionals in the cosmetics industry.

Organized by the French Society of Cosmetology, this show has become in 13 years a key event in cosmetic formulation.

After a blank year in 2021, then a 2022 edition marked by the Covid-19 and masks, we can look forward to a successful year in 2023.

Like a new wind, we found the affluence of before Covid with a show under the sign of good humor and joy of meeting

So much so that we could not receive some of you. We apologize for this but we are available today to answer your questions, present our company, our product catalog, our services and news. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss with you.


Back in pictures :

The responsible approach of combining naturalness and performance remains a key trend this year. We at Miyoshi Europe are striving to base our product development on this approach and are expanding our COSMOS approved product range.

Our surface treatments, beyond improving the intrinsic properties of the pigments, will bring benefits to facilitate formulation and improve formula performance and sensoriality.

65% of the materials in our catalog have a naturality index of 1 or a natural content of 100%.

34 This is the number of references in our “COSMOS approved” catalog in 2022

Find our COSMOS approved references in our article Naturalness, a trend or a “must-have”?

Each year we participate in the formulation prize which rewards the most successful and innovative companies. This year’s theme is :


“Swell, breaker, roller or tsunami, minimalist, green or ecological wave, refreshing, regenerating or gentle wave, the new waves of cosmetics stir and sometimes submerge the formulation of their innovations to reveal the creativity of each.”

Tinted Tsunami was born from a collaboration between NAGASE Personal Care (NAGASE EUROPA) and MIYOSHI EUROPE. The expertise and know-how of these two Japanese companies have made it possible to create a powerful formula combining care and color.

Tinted Tsunami is a wave of simplicity for a tsunami of performance.

Hybrid products are flooding the cosmetics market, this formula, which combines skincare and make-up and whose performance has been scientifically proven ex vivo, offers a complete approach to enhance the skin.

No superfluous, the active AA2G chosen for its multiple benefits in formula combined with innovative pigments, MiyoFLEX EV which bring an immediate unifying effect and a new sensoriality.

The flake-shaped pigments are easily incorporated without a prior grinding step for a simplified, economical, ecological and safe process. In addition, they have excellent compatibility with the active ingredient. With its dual action on the pigmentary system, it prevents and reduces irregular pigmentation linked to age and UV exposure for a homogeneous and luminous complexion in the long term. In addition, its anti-oxidant activity protects the skin from aging and the negative effects of the exposome. Thanks to its power to stimulate collagen production, it promotes firmer skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Finally, by acting on the epidermis, it improves the skin’s barrier function and hydration.

Applying this formula will allow you to enter the minimalist wave of a simple and effective routine.

Tinted Tsunami will make waves with its 99.6% natural content,

Additional ingredients in this formula:

  • Silica Bead SB-300 : silica beads providing slipperiness and sensoriality
  • Rheopearl KL2 : gelling agent for the fatty phase, essential for the stability of the emulsion


Thank you all for your visit, see you next year.

And in the meantime we will be present on the INCOSMETICS exhibition in Barcelona on the stand Z80!

Margot Delannoy

Margot Delannoy

Communications, Events and Digital Marketing Manager

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