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7 December 2022

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7 December 2022

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Naturality, a trend or a “must-have” ?

Cosmetic consumers know what they want and especially what they don’t want. They are curious and want to know about the products they are going to buy and use on a daily basis. More than 60% of them are interested in the composition of their products, but are also concerned about the quality of the ingredients they contain and the manufacturing processes.

Natural” or “organic” cosmetic products are a real craze and motivate consumer purchases, especially since the COVID crisis which boosted their sales.

In cosmetics, the notion of naturality is framed by the ISO 16128 standard, which is the result of a joint reflection by the various players in the cosmetics industry. This standard (applicable to ingredients and finished products) describes the methods for calculating the Natural index, Natural Origin, Organic and Organic Origin Indices that apply to the categories of ingredients commonly used in cosmetics. ISO 16128 does not yet provide access to certification, unlike the “COSMOS APPROVED” label, which certifies the non-organic raw materials that may be used in cosmetic products certified according to the COSMOS standard.

MIYOSHI EUROPE no longer sees naturality as a trend, but rather as an established criterion in modern cosmetics. As a source of innovation and novelty, this notion is an integral part of our new developments.

65% of the materials in our catalog have a naturality index of 1 or a 100% natural content

34 This is the number of references in our “COSMOS approved” catalog in 2022


Nos gammes COSMOS Approved :

Type of treatment Product Range INCI Natural [Origin] Content – ISO 16128 Benefits
Hydrophobic treated pigments
Sodium Myristoyl Glutamate (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) substrate
Improve emulsion stability
Bring comfort
High but natural coverage
Long lasting
Skin affinity
Hydrophobic treated pigments
Hydrogenated Olive Oil Stearyl Esters (and) Sodium Myristoyl Glutamate (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) substrate
Solid dispersion of treated pigments
High pigment load  (>80%)
Non-powdery material
Ready to use
Patented innovation
Hydrophobic treated pigments
Trilaurin (and) substrate
Easy to disperse
Good alternative to silicone/Silane surface treatments
Silky texture
Good stability in W/O and W/Si systems
Strong color development
Hydrophobic treated pigments
Hydrogenated Lecithin (and) Magnesium Chloride
Luxurious, creamy and smooth texture
High stability in emulsion systems
Alternative to talc,
Pure quality (Sb content guaranteed),
Soft texture
Silica Beads
Multifunctional ingredient: soft focus effect, mattifying effect, roll on effect,
High absorption capacity
Hydrophilic treated pigments
Silica (and) substrate
Soft focus
Excellent dispersibility into water
Good acid resistance
Wet and dry color fidelity
Mica (and) Silica (and) Hydrogenated Lecithin (and) Calcium Chloride
Excellent gliding and spreading ability,
Unique softness sensation
High hydrophobicity
Film-former agent
Unifilma HVY
Dextrin Isostearate
Natural, flexible, fast-forming lipophilic film former
Film-former agent
MiyoFILM CCTG(75%)
Dextrin Isostearate (and) Caprylic/capric triglyceride
Natural, flexible, fast-forming lipophilic film former in liquid form
Hydrophobic treated pigments
Hydrogenated Olive Oil Stearyl Esters (and) substrate (and) substrate
High compatibility with all media
Easy and comfortable spreading
Extreme hydrophobicity: waterresistance claims



Choosing these raw materials for your formulas helps you achieve high naturalness/content products. For more inspiration, feel free to consult our guiding formulas below.

 And don’t hesitate to contact us for your future projects…


To achieve this formula we used 3 products from the Miyoshi catalog with a naturality index of 1 or 100% natural content: MiyoFLEX EV, Rheopearl KL2 and Silica Bead SB-300.

The rest of the formula is composed of 99% waxes and oils with a naturalness index of 1, which allows the formula to obtain a NOC (natural origin content) of 99.7%.

Thanks to its melting texture, the application of this lip balm is easy and pleasant. This formula is very comfortable and not sticky.

Our formulas of orientation with an index of naturality of minimum 98%:

Foundation :

  • Flex foundation: fluid foundation with a NOC of 99.98%. It provides natural coverage while hiding imperfections.


  • So W/O foundation: Formulated with a minimum of ingredients but without compromising on performance and pleasure, this W/O foundation is sure to be a surprise both for its creamy texture and its 98.8% NOC!


  • Hot for foundation: a 100% NOC, long-wearing, anhydrous foundation that offers adjustable coverage, a silky matte finish, and a lightweight feel on the skin.

    Mascara :

    • Deep black mascara: A formula with a NOC of 99.2%, which perfectly embraces the lashes and intensely makes them up without clumping.

    Lipstick :

    • Nude care lipstick : Lipstick, with a 99.55% NOC, with a glossy satin finish for an elegant look. Enriched with a powerful anti-oxidant, it will bring comfort and moisture to your lips.

    And many more, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information and samples of our materials or our orientation formula

    Pauline Bosmet

    Pauline Bosmet

    Marketing Manager

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