Treated pigments | COSMOS Approved

MiyoNAT SFT |Natural Origin Triglyceride Treated pigments


  • Suitable for Vegan
  • Aluminum & Palm free
  • Green alternative to silane treatment
  • Gives unique silky and light texture to pigments and fillers
  • Global compliant

INCI NAME : Trilaurin (and) Substrate* 

General Informations

MiyoNAT SFT has been designed in order to create a sensorial experience and It delivers a smooth and silky feel. The MiyoNAT SFT range meets all naturality expectations and brings good performances in cosmetic applications. In relation with Miyoshi technology, it helps formulator’s works to achieve the best quality.

The whole MiyoNAT SFT range is :

  • COSMOS approved
  • Palm free
  • Aluminum free

To meet global requirements.

*Substrate could be iron oxides, titanium dioxide or fillers.



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