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7 May 2024

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7 May 2024

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In Cosmetics 2024 in Paris: Our Impressions

The cosmetics industry is a constantly evolving world, where trends emerge and change at lightning speed. The 2024 edition of the In Cosmetics trade show in Paris was a landmark event for players in the cosmetics market. This year, participants from all over the world gathered to discover the latest innovations, exchange ideas and shape the future of the cosmetics industry. In this article, we delve into our impressions after attending this must-see event.

I. Discovering the latest innovations:

  1. New Trends in Ingredients

In 2024, several trends are emerging in terms of cosmetic ingredients:

Natural and sustainable ingredients: Growing demand for eco-friendly products is driving the use of natural and sustainable ingredients, such as plant extracts, essential oils, and organically grown ingredients.

Focus on health and well-being: Consumers are looking for products that offer health and wellness benefits, leading to the integration of ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Skin protection: With growing awareness of the harmful effects of pollution, blue light and UV rays on the skin, cosmetic products are incorporating ingredients that offer protection against these aggressions, such as sunscreens. Reinforcing the skin barrier is a growing trend in skin protection.

Personalized ingredients: Personalization of cosmetic products is gaining in popularity, with ingredients tailored to the individual needs of each consumer, often thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence and genetic analysis.

Transparency and traceability: Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency on the origin and safety of cosmetic ingredients. Brands are responding to this demand by providing detailed information on the ingredients used and implementing traceability measures.

These trends reflect changing consumer preferences towards more natural, effective and environmentally-friendly products, with an emphasis on personalization and transparency.

2. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions

Sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions for cosmetic materials are increasingly sought after by consumers and adopted by companies:

Natural and organic ingredients: Manufacturers of cosmetic ingredients are increasingly using ingredients of natural and organic origin to reduce the environmental footprint of cosmetic products.

Responsible sourcing: Responsible sourcing is becoming increasingly important, as sourcing ingredients from certified suppliers who respect environmental, social and ethical standards promotes supply chain sustainability.

Transparency and certification: Communicating sustainable practices transparently and obtaining environmental certifications (such as Ecocert, COSMOS, or Cruelty-Free) builds consumer confidence and demonstrates commitment to sustainability.

By adopting these solutions, cosmetics companies can meet consumers’ growing expectations in terms of sustainability, while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

II. Our innovations and concept

  1. New products

As mentioned above, in the world of beauty and skincare, one unwavering trend is emerging: that of sun protection. More than a simple step in the morning routine, sun protection has become an essential pillar in skincare and makeup routines.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays, sun protection has become much more than a simple preventive measure. It has become an act of skin care, a daily gesture to preserve health and beauty.

Consumers are now looking for innovative sun protection products that offer broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, yet are pleasant to use every day. Light, non-greasy, non-sticky formulas are in demand, for easy, comfortable application under make-up or on their own.

In addition, growing awareness of the environmental impact of cosmetic products has led to a growing demand for environmentally-friendly sunscreens. Consumers are looking for biodegradable formulas that are safe for coral reefs and marine ecosystems.

    In response to growing concerns about the health and environmental risks associated with the use of nano-sized ingredients in sunscreen formulas, Miyoshi is launching the MiyoSHADE T-Plus range.

    Consisting of two references, this innovative range responds to current constraints concerning SPF research in formulations.

    The MiyoSHADE T-Plus range stands out for its compliance with various global regulations, ease of use and remarkable ability to achieve high SPF values in formulations.

    To meet the different needs of its customers, the range includes two references,

      2. CoWoP :

      We have developed CoWoP (Collaborative Work Process) in close collaboration with our customers, studying every interaction and drawing on our 40 years of expertise in the manufacture of ingredients for the cosmetics industry. This solution offers all our customers the possibility of obtaining an answer to their internal problems, specific needs, or support that they can’t find elsewhere.

      CoWoP is a collaborative approach based on the confidentiality and transparency of both parties, integrated into a process involving all the experts needed to successfully complete the project.

      CoWoP is the solution if :

      • You don’t have the necessary resources in-house to manage one of your projects,
      • If you want to call on an expert in the manufacture of cosmetic ingredients to meet your needs,
      • If you’re looking to co-construct a project with a player from outside your ecosystem,
      • Or if you’re looking for a unique, customized solution to optimize your development times.

        3. Mix & Match :

        We were delighted to take part in the Makeup Bar. This event was an opportunity for us to present our latest innovations in cosmetics and share our expertise.

        At the Makeup Bar, we had the pleasure of presenting our new Mix & Match concept: Starting from a common formula structure, we developed 3 formulas to meet distinct specific needs. In this process, the selection of active ingredients and treated pigments was decisive, enabling us to achieve unique results and performance.


          Here are the 3 foundations :

          Organic Girl : His formula will appeal to women looking for make-up that reflects their values. A simple formula, with ingredients selected for their naturalness. A discreet formula with efficient ingredients.

          Gorged with polyglutamic acid, the formula moisturizes your skin.Thanks to an anti-oxidant and anti-radical active ingredients, the skin is protected from external aggressions.

          MiyoNAT SFT : COSMOS approved Trilaurin treated pigments providing a light and silky texture.

          Silica Bead SB-700 : Bringing slipperiness and improving feeling during product application.


          Working Girl :

          As an active woman, you’re looking for high-performance make-up that respects your skin, without sacrificing too much time in the bathroom. No compromise possible !

          For this formula, we identify our most skin-friendly treated pigments and our best unique materials.

          Use your time to deal with emails and phone calls, but not for make-up touch-ups.

          Pigments NAI : Amino-acid treated pigments with Microbiome-friendly certification bringing comfortable feeling and skin adhesion.

          Silica Bead SB-700 : COSMOS approved silica beads for a powdery finish.

          Rheopearl KL2 : Oil gelling agent improving the stability of the formula.


          Party Girl : This luminous, full-coverage foundation is perfect for those looking for high-performance make-up. This formula combines performance and comfort, and plays with light for a luminous finish. Thanks to the choice of ingredients, you can confidently keep your make-up on all night long.

          MiyoNAT VLS : COSMOS approved Lecithin treated pigments providing a creamy texture and high coverage

          MiyoSYN Fine : A synthetic mica that brings matte finish while offers radiance

          Silica Bead SB-700 : Bringing slipperiness and improving feeling during product application.

          MiyoFILM CCTG (75%) : COSMOS approved natural film former improving skin adhesion for a better product wear.

          Rheopearl KL2 : Oil gelling agent improving formula stability and final texture.

           A warm hello to our visitors: thank you for this unique moment!

          On behalf of the entire Miyoshi Europe team, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to those of you who took the time to visit our stand. This event was a celebration of cosmetic innovation, and your presence brought extraordinary energy to our stand. Each of our exchanges helped enrich our understanding of the needs of the cosmetics industry.

          Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information, samples of our materials or guidance formulas.

          The 2024 edition of In Cosmetics in Paris was an enriching experience that enabled us to discover the latest advances in the cosmetics industry while fostering exchange and reflection on its future. As we leave with new ideas and inspiration, one thing is certain: the cosmetics industry will continue to evolve, driven by innovation, sustainability and the constant quest to meet consumers’ changing needs.

          Thank you all for your visit, and see you next year.

          Until then, you can find us at Cosmetic 360 in Paris, on October 16 & 17, 2024.

          Margot Delannoy

          Margot Delannoy

          Communication, Events and Digital Marketing Manager

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